Liz first came to Camp Henry as a mini-week camper at the age of 8. After those first three days on the shores, Liz was hooked and returned every summer for a week of camp before serving as an Assistant Counselor and eventual Counselor for six additional summers.

Liz graduated from University of Michigan with a BS in Environmental Science and Native American Studies. Following graduation, Liz moved to Alaska where she served with multiple youth programs and summer camps, including Salmon and Science Camp for the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, Youth Conservation Corps, Alaska Youth for Environmental Action, and Trailside Discovery Camp. Liz was beyond excited to return to the shores of Lake Kimball and fulfill her role as an educator and mentor. Liz loves sharing her passion for the outdoors with youth, whether she's coaxing kids up the climbing tower or geeking out about plant life on the wetland trail. When Liz isn't facilitating groups, you're likely to find her cuddling her two puppies, riding single track with her husband, or acquiring some newfound homesteading skill, like canning.

Contact Liz at 616-717-5572 or