beckywebBecky grew up right next door to camp and is thrilled to be part of the Camp Henry family! From 1998-2003 she worked as the Assistant to the Dean of Students at Kuyper College in Grand Rapids, MI while earning her degree in Executive Office Administration. Her professional degree offsets her God-given skills to keep the Camp Henry office organized and running smoothly. In her role as Guest Services Coordinator, she is pleased to be able to assist groups, campers, and parents to understand what’s necessary and plan accordingly to make their Camp Henry experience the best it can be!

Becky’s life journey took her around the world (14 countries) and back to Newaygo where Camp Henry was waiting with open arms. Her experience in numerous cultures of the world give her the ability to understand and connect with people from many different backgrounds: economic, religious, social and geographical. She believes that no matter these difference all deserve the same respect, love and care.

Becky believes that camp is a life changing experience that follows people through the rest of their lives. Her hope is that big and little people’s hearts will be touched by the love of Jesus here at camp and feels that it would be an honor and blessing to be a part of that.

When she’s not in the camp office you can find her chillin’ in the Camp Henry horse pasture with a good book, watching a movie while snuggling with her dog, Hachi or out geocaching with her four kids!

Contact Becky at 616-717-5562 or