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Monday, 25 April 2016 17:59

Running is...

By Kari Fuller

Why run or walk?
Everyone has a different reason for running.
Running is a social activity. Some love to be active with other people. It's what leads them to put their feet forward to even get to the start line. Some people talk the entire run. Some people listen. Some can solve the world's problems in 6 miles or less. Some get their problems off their chest and can go to the next race in life. A group of my friends decided to run a half-marathon together a couple years back and had the spouses babysit the kids and cheer on them on. This encouragement led to more spouses running or walking in the next years' race. The whole group was pretty sure the spouses decided to run because of the excitement of the race and not the idea that they were left behind to babysit.

Running is about that next goal. A friend of mine has the 25K River Bank run as her next goal – maybe a marathon next year. Will her body keep up with her goal? Will the challenge of time allow her to continue training? Will she be able to fit in the training? There are aches and pains in running. We get home from work tired, and then there is dinner to make and kids to help. There is also the example she is showing to her kids that exercise is important enough to set aside time to do. She is showing the kids she is choosing to be healthy. She is showing the family that she has a goal, will work hard to accomplish it and will try her best.

Running is about using pent-up energy and getting more energy. The brain is fuzzy. The day's events, problems and the to-do list swirls through the brain. What to do now? Sit on the couch? Watch tv? Do Candy crush? I don't feel any better a half hour later. After 30 minutes of running, and then a quick shower, I can continue with the day. So many times, the run was a hard to do, but then the energy increased after the run. The endorphins, the runner's high, the satisfaction of that day's accomplishments makes the brain felt clearer. I accomplished my run; I can accomplish anything. And that night's sleep is so much deeper.

Running is about getting the pet out of the house. The dog needs to be run. I have a 2 year old Labrador Retreiver and she loves the run. If I run 3 miles, she probably run 6 miles. We are lucky to run on country lanes, forest paths, and farm trails. I can let her off the leash and she GOES RUNNING. The joy in her body language and her uplifted ears tell me there is nothing better than this moment. We find a stream or a deep puddle and I see her swan dive into the center of the water. She gets out, shakes off, and continues... I swear there is a smile on her face. Joy, pure joy.

Running is about feeling strong. When the muscles are worked, I feel as if I can accomplish anything. I can do it. The run felt hard, sometimes I had to walk, but that is ok. I felt great yesterday, and today the run didn't feel so good; that is ok too. Tomorrow will be better.
I run to keep the body in check. Eating wonderful foods leads to a not-so-wonderful body shape unless intervention occurs. Running is my intervention. Without chocolate, I would enjoy life a little less and that is not ok with me. There is heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer in my extended family. I can exercise and do my best at keeping all those things at bay. No, I never struggle with aching knees from running; some people do. Yes, I definitely struggle with an aching back and hips. On the other hand, I would struggle with those parts of my body if I didn't exercise.

Running is about adventure. When running with my dog, I see lots of deer, turkeys, sandhill cranes, the beautiful sky, the breath of fresh air, the gorgeous sunrise or sunset. I find a new tree limb down over my trail. I find unusual things, good and bad. I found a hammer and dry wall trowel I can only imagine bounced out of someone's truck. I found $1.40 worth in can deposits. (I always tell myself to run with a bag but I don't. If you find a few cans by your mailbox, I found them on the run and didn't was doing a little cleaning.) I find trash. I find clothes from other runners discarding their extra baggage. I find dead animals and give them the wide berth like they will suddenly come alive. I find snakes in my path and jump high up and way over. I can only imagine what a nearby person thinks when I react after seeing a snake.

This year is Camp Henry's 2nd Annual 5K Trail Run and Walk sponsored by Celebration! Cinema. It is the Saturday before the 25K Riverbank Run in Grand Rapids, so our event is a great taper race if you are already training for the Riverbank Run.
One of the many goals of Camp Henry is to ensure campers have a chance to experience life-changing activities. The Camp Henry 5K Trail Run provides scholarships for the campers or school visitors who need a chance: A chance for adventure, a chance to use energy, a chance for life changing experiences.

Camp Henry's 2nd Annual 5K Trail Run and Walk sponsored by Celebration! Cinema is on Saturday, May 7th, 2016 at 10am. Join US!

About the Author: Kari Fuller

Kari is a devoted runner, wife, and mother. She is actively involved at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Camp Henry, and in the Grand Rapids area communities. She is currently volunteering her time to coach track and field and share her love of running with the next generation. She lives with her husband, Chris, two daughters, and their dog in the NW Grand Rapids area.

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Friday, 15 April 2016 17:57

What's Happening ~ April 2016

March flew by and so did the two weeks of April, thanks to the Winter Park Spring Break Trip!

March was filled with fun events, construction progress, staff development conferences, Camp Henry LIVE!, and exciting expos!

March 7-9, the year round staff at Camp Henry had the opportunity to enjoy fellowship, worship, educational sessions and more with camps from all over the state of Michigan at the Christian Camp and Conference Association Michigan Sectional Conference at Gull Lake. It was almost like camp for the camp staff! In between the professional development sessions, we were able to try our hand at Gull Lake's recreational facilties from rock climbing to basketball to pickelball and bowling. The biggest impact the conference had on our staff was the time together and the chance to take a short break to rejuvenate, refresh, and refill our tanks.

IMG 7547 

The Camp Henry Board visited Camp for their annual retreat and were able to try out the new high adventure elements first hand. They enjoyed a weekend of camp fun and thoughtful planning for Camp's present and future vision. They also lent a hand with building the new dining hall tables and benches!


On March 13th, we had our third Camp Henry LIVE! @ 3 Mile Project. We loved getting to see so many familiar faces and a lot of new ones too! Thank you to all who joined us for that night of reball, skating, basketball, volleyball, gaga, pizza and just plain hanging out and catching up!

View the Camp Henry LIVE! @ 3 Mile Project video here

Throughout March, our staff canvased several local expos and had the opportunity to make s'mores and share Camp Henry with the communities around us.

expo1 expo2

On March 23rd, Olive's hosted a fundraiser for Camp Henry's Scholarship Fund. Many folks showed up with friends and enjoyed an evening at Olive's to help send more kids to camp.

And on March 29th, a handful of staff traveled to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital and spent the afternoon bringing camp fun to the kids and families there. From new ways to play bean bag toss to melty beads, everyone had a wonderful time.

The first two week of April may already be gone but there are many memories that were made April 1-9 on the Winter Park Spring Break Trip. Here's a sneak peak at some of the fun we had.

 IMG 7486

IMG 7487 IMG 7503

Coming up in April, we are having our big Volunteer Work Day on the 23rd. Ryan and Tyler, our Facilties Team has a plethora of project that will help get Camp Henry looking nice and ready for the summer and spruce it up a bit for our busy spring. We'd love for you to join, all ages and abilities are welcome. Lunch will be provided! For more information or RSVP, please email

workday2 workday3


The very next day, April 24th, is our first Days of Adventure and Open House. Again, absolutely everyone is welcome to come spend the afternoon at Camp Henry. We will have a couple of our new high adventure programs up and running for folks to try as well as lawn games and a cool craft for the younger ones. We will also be leading guided tours of Camp where we will be answering questions about summer camp and year round opportunities. This is a great chance for returning campers and families to share some camp fun together as well as new prospective campers, parents and families to experience a taste of camp. Did we mention it's FREE? Yes, it's free! So we hope we see all of you there! No RSVP required!


April 24th is the last day to guarantee your T-shirt for Camp Henry's 2nd Annual 5K Trail Run and Walk and 1K Costume Fun Run. You can still sign up after this date but in order to guarantee your T-shirt, register by April 24th. Go here to sign up. The race is on May 7th, 2016 at 10am and the 1K Costume Fun Run is at 11am.

 IMG 7309

Between the school groups, who are starting to flock to Camp during the week, we will have a handful of weekend groups coming through for retreats. One of the retreats is Camp Henry's own Dad & Me! Started a few springs back due to the high demand/interest in having a weekend like Mom & Me but for Dads, Uncles, and Grandpas and it's quickly become a favorite of all who have experienced it. The last weekend in April, running into May is when Dad & Me is taking place. It's not too late to sign up and we'd love to have you experience it yourself. Click here for more information.


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By Linnae Satterlee


The Camp Henry 5K Trail Run may be just around the corner, but never fear! You still have almost four weeks to prepare for this fun and beautiful trail run.
If you are a novice runner, or just haven't laced up your shoes for awhile, here are my top 10 tips to get you to the finish line!

1. SIGN UP for the race! You will be more likely to stick to your training and keep your motivation going once you have paid money for a race.
Committing to a race is often the hardest part! You are less likely to give up when the going gets tough, or procrastinate until it's too late.


2. Pick A Purpose. Decide what your goal is, and keep that in mind during training, as well as the race itself. Whether you are trying to jump-start your fitness,
lose weight, hit a time goal, or simply just cross the finish line in one piece, know what you are training for.

3. Set a realistic goal. When I race, I always have 3 goals: my perfect-day, all-the-stars-lined-up goal, my moderate (and hopefully attainable) goal, and my worst- case scenario goal if everything is going wrong. That way I will definitely hit one of my goals, and I have a realistic idea of what I am hoping for.

4. Create a Training Schedule. There are a multitude of training plans to choose from, but the trick is to find one that is simple, easy to understand, and works for your lifestyle. I highly recommend the Couch To 5K training programs, they will take from from zero to the finish line with a common-sense approach to increasing mileage while still giving your body time to rest.

5. Keep Motivated. Finding a training group or running buddy not only helps to keep you accountable, it's also a lot more FUN!! Sharing your goals and scheduling your running workouts together will help keep momentum up and ensure that you stay consistent.

6. Don't do too much too fast. "Slow and steady wins the race." It's important not to push yourself too hard, too fast. You don't want to risk injury and not make it
to the race. A good rule of thumb is no more than a 10% increase in mileage each week.

7. Train in the proper gear. I can't stress this enough! Go to a specialty running store and get properly fitted for running shoes that fit YOUR feet. A good pair of
running shoes is the best investment you can make! Treat your feet right and they will protect the rest of your body. Select apparel with wicking properties, NOT cotton, so that your clothing absorbs sweat away from your body, and keeps you (relatively) dry.


8. Make your practice sessions fun. Vary your speeds while running, divide your run into walking, jogging and sprinting segments, and run on different terrains.
You will use different sets of muscles that will push your body in new directions.

9. Start Strong & Finish Strong. Positive visualization will help you before and during the race. While you train, picture yourself on the course surrounded by other runners. Keep your eyes on the prize as you complete the 5K and keep all of the reasons you decided to do it circling in your head. This will help you feel even
more accomplished as you cross the finish line.


10. Reward yourself! After completing weeks of training and finishing the race, treat yourself to something you've been wanting- a new running top, a massage or
pedicure, or something else that will provide enjoyment on your runs. Give yourself a gift that will help you to continue your efforts.


Run Happy!


About the Author: Linnae Satterlee


Linnae Satterlee is a former anti-runner turned Marathoner. An avid runner, she has completed 12 marathons, multiple 5Ks, half-marathons and 25Ks. She is running in Boston for the 4th time on April 18, and plans to keep running Boston, the greatest marathon in the world, as long as she continues to qualify! She is passionate about running, and enjoys mentoring others and helping them achieve their goals.

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