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In 2013, Camp Henry embarked on a plan to Transform
the Facilities at Camp Henry. With summer camp
enrollment increasing each year and with growing
numbers of year-round guests, the plan created included
a number of significant and important improvements to
help meet the growing demand. Since 2013, Camp Henry
has invested over $2.9 million in this transformation and
has been able to:
• Build 7 new year-round cabins
• Complete a $1.3 million addition to the Dining Hall
• Add exciting new High Adventure Activities, including:
• New Climbing Tower and Cargo Net, with two Zip
• New Leap of Faith
• New Giant Swing
• New High Ropes Course, with a new QuickJump
• Renovate Idema Theater
We are super excited about all of these transformations
and extremely thankful to all of the generous donors and
contributors that have helped make these transformations
Our plan for Transforming the Facilities at Camp Henry
calls for more improvements and additions, and we
anticipate investing an additional $1.4 million over the
next few years.
Our brand new Maintenance Building will be completed
this spring and we are thrilled to be building a new
Western Frontier Village with 3 new cabins prior to the
summer of 2017.
All of these incredible transformations to our facilities
have helped position Camp Henry to be able to positively
transform the lives of campers and guests for years to
To learn how you can help support this transformation,
please visit our website at
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