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Programs & Activities

organizational retreat schoolChallenge Programs
Environmental Education
Outdoor Adventure
Evening Programs
Misc. Programs
Camp Henry on the Road!

Challenge Programs

  • Giant's Ladder
    Campers challenge themselves individually or in pairs as they attempt to climb up this 50ft "ladder" consisting of a 10ft cargo net and leading to multiple rungs 3 ft apart. You will learn how to belay your friends as well as tackle the task yourself and is very rewarding in terms of self–achievement and confidence building.
  • Climbing Tower
    Campers will learn the basics of rock climbing technique and safety as they attempt to scale one of the two faces on our thirty foot climbing tower. Students may learn to belay for each other under the careful supervision of our trained instructors.
  • Cargo Net
    Much like the Giant's Ladder, campers challenge themselves individually or in pairs as they attempt to reach the top of our 45 ft cargo net. Once reaching the top, campers have the option of riding down the zip line! Take a "leap of faith", ending in an exhilarating 300ft glide safely back to the ground. The rest of your team will be participating from the ground by belaying, spotting and encouraging the climbers through the challenge.
  • Field Initiatives
    Campers improve their team skills and build trust through a series of games and challenges which take place on one of our athletic fields. These initiatives are a great way to set the tone for fun and cooperative group interactions.
  • Low Ropes Course
    The Low Ropes Course consists of a series of cables, ropes, and other props located close to the ground. Completion of these elements requires the bulk of the groups' efforts. Participants use their problem solving and communication skills, along with built-in safety procedures, to solve the challenges.
  • Problem-Solving Initiatives
    Groups are called upon to use their problem solving skills and creativity to meet a challenge. Planning and communication skills are exercised as groups work towards solutions.
  • Trust Sequence
    This series of initiatives is designed to help campers develop confidence and trust in themselves and one another. Students are supervised by an experienced facilitator and learn proper spotting techniques to keep each other safe.
  • High Ropes Course
    The high ropes course has to be seen to be believed. It is built over a steep hillside, starting you out at 12 feet over the ground but ending at 45 feet over the ground where you can leap off a 350-foot zipline with a 25-foot free fall. A normal experience on the high course will begin with safety instruction, and progress through all parts of the course you want to attempt, ending with the zipline.


Environmental Education

  • Bog Walk
    Prepare for a hike out to out to the bog - an amazing ecological phenomenon! Campers will learn about this unique ecosystem, and might even be in for a bit of a surprise.
  • Wetland Trail Hike/Wetland Ecology
    Put on your walking shoes and let one of Camp Henry's knowledgeable staff members take you on a hike through several distinct ecosystems. Campers will participate in activities to sharpen their powers of observation and give them a better understanding of some animal adaptations.
  • Nature Discovery Games
    In this series of activities, campers will begin to explore and appreciate nature in a new and refreshing way. They will engage in the world around them and gain a deeper understand of how it's all connected.
  • Reduce, Re-use, Recycle
    The 3 R's are discussed in greater detail and campers are given practical tools to make a difference. The discussion will be supplemented with an activity to enforce the lesson.
  • Animal Adaptations
    We'll use a series of activities and discussions to explain how and why animals have adapted to survive. Campers will learn about both physical and behavioral adaptations and how an animal's habitat effects its adaptations.


Outdoor Adventure

  • Archery
    Campers learn the parts of the bow and arrow, and proper archery technique and safety procedures.
  • Canoeing/Kayaking
    Campers learn the parts of a canoe or kayak and the parts of a paddle. They are taught how to paddle canoes or kayaks and are given plenty of time to practice under the supervision of a certified lifeguard.
  • Shelter Building
    Camp Henry staff teach campers proper shelter building techniques to survive in the wilderness.
  • Outdoor Cooking
    A Camp Henry Instructor will teach how to build a fire and how to prepare a few simple foods over the fire. Fire safety is also discussed.
  • Nature Crafts
    Campers work on arts and crafts projects using natural materials or focusing on a natural theme.
  • Survival Challenge
    We give campers an introduction to what it takes to survive in the wild. Topics covered include making shelter, building a fire, purifying water, and outdoor first aid. We also offer a few simulation challenges for groups to complete.
  • Camping Skills
    Campers learn how to rough it. They set up tents or tarps, build a fire, and receive a ton of low impact camping tips.
  • Orienteering
    We take campers into the woods and teach them to use a map and compass. Next, they will engage in activity to practice their new skills.


Evening Programs

  • Campfire, Songs & S'mores
    Let us entertain you with songs, skits, and stories we guarantee your campers will be talking about long after the fire has gone out.
  • Capture the Flag
    A classic camp game! Teams compete against each other to find the other team's flag.
  • Large Group Games
    We offer a variety of fun games for groups to play. All are intentional and unique to the camping environment.
  • Flashlight Tag
    Suit up in dark clothes and get ready for some stealth activity. See if your sneaks will allow you to win in this fun team game.
  • Night Hike
    This fun exploration of the five senses allows campers to enjoy and appreciate nature at an atypical time ... night!
  • Team Bingo Game
    Great as an ice- breaker, this challenge allows small groups to work together to get to know one another.
  • Reverse Scavenger Hunt
    A scavenger hunt with an unusual twist! Campers will work together in small groups in this fun challenge. Hilarity will ensue.
  • Gameshow Night
    Get ready to come on down as we play some gameshows Camp Henry style!
  • Open Mic Night/Talent Show
    Show off your skills and celebrate your talents as you take the stage.
  • Chapel/Worship
    Our staff are happy to lead worship and engage campers in bible lessons in some pretty unique ways.
  • Prayer Walk
    An in depth experience which requires campers to reflect and encourages them to grow deeper in their walk with God. Campers will appreciate nature and learn something new about their Creator.


Misc. Programs

  • Chapel/Worship
    Our staff are happy to lead worship and engage campers in bible lessons in some pretty unique ways.
  • Prayer Walk
    An in depth experience which requires campers to reflect and encourages them to grow deeper in their walk with God. Campers will appreciate nature and learn something new about their Creator.
  • Team Sports
    Enjoy your favorite team sport on beautiful Camp Henry grounds. We have a sand volleyball court, a gaga pit, 4-square courts, and 2 large fields for play.
  • Frisbee Golf Course
    Play your way through camp as you get your disc on! Great for a relaxing afternoon and best played in small groups.
  • Sledding/Tube Run
    Slide down the hill after a great snowfall.
  • Team Tubes Challenge
    Creativity and team work are required in this interesting and engaging challenge.
  • Service Projects
    Help give back to camp by serving! Or, ask Camp Henry staff to help you set up a project in the community.
  • GaGa Pit
    Check out this awesome game taking over the nation!
  • Arts & Crafts
    We offer many options for campers to try out their creative skills and an awesome arts & crafts building.


Camp Henry on the Road! 

We can take many of our programs on the road! Please reach out to our Guest Services Director at 616-717-5571 for more information.