High Adventure Programs

  • Giant Swing 
    Take a swing on this exhilarating ride either solo or in a group of two! Participants are attached to a cable that is pulled up by their team to the height of their choice (up to 40-feet!). When ready, a release cord is pulled and the participants soar! This element is a lot of fun and keeps everyone involved in the experience. All ages (pending gear fits)
  • Leap of Faith
    A challenge course classic! Here participants are encouraged to climb to the top of the 25-foot pole overlooking our horse corral. Take a deep breath and leap out- attempting to touch the trapeze ball hanging in front. The rest of the team will be on belay and lower the jumper safely to the ground. Ages 10 & up
  • Rock Climbing Tower
    Participants will learn the basics of rock climbing technique and safety as they attempt to climb on our 45-foot climbing tower. Participants may learn to belay each other under the careful supervision of our trained instructors. Ages 8 & up
  • Cargo Net Zipline
    Participants challenge themselves individually, or in pairs, as they attempt to reach the top of our 45-foot cargo net. Once reaching the top, participants have the option of riding down the 300ft zip line! The rest of your team will be participating from the ground by belaying, spotting, and encouraging the climbers through the challenge. Ages 10 & up
  • High Ropes Course
    Built high in the trees, participants have the opportunity to challenge themselves among 15 different elements! Climbers may also complete their experience by zipping away on a 350ft. zip line or the breathtaking Quick Jump- a 53-foot free-fall device! The adventure awaits you.
    Ages 13 & up

Team/Community Building

Youth groups, school classrooms, sports teams or clubs will find that our challenge course can be a very effective way for group members to look deeper at team dynamics covering all aspects from communication, listening, cooperation, trust, etc. Facilitators work with participants to foster conversation and discussions addressing specific goals established by the group.

Our focus remains on the process and not the end result.

Take advantage of the team-building program that Camp Henry has to offer!

Challenge Courses

Our 2 Challenge Courses consist of a series of cables, ropes, and other props located close to the ground – no harness necessary. Completion of these elements requires a bulk of the groups' efforts. Participants use problem-solving and communication skills, along with built-in safety procedures, to solve the challenges.

Some initiatives include:

  • Floating Cube
    Your team must travel through a hanging 3-dimensional cube without touching the sides. The fun part is when it starts to sway!
  • House Trap
    Your group is challenged to move through the 'house element' by stepping into the doors they open using the keys provided.
  • Whale Watch
    Your team works together and strategizes how to balance the entire group on a large balance board without either sides touching the ground.
  • Nitro Swing
    Each group member must travel across the 'bottomless pit' by using a large rope to swing across.
  • Obstacle Course
    Each participant has a partner. One will be blindfolded and traveling through the course, while the other is being their eyes and guiding them through the course by only using verbal communication.

Aside from our Challenge Courses, we provide dozens of other portable field activities.

Our Staff would be happy to craft a custom program for your group. Please contact us for more information | 616.717.5571

Environmental Education

  • Wetland Ecology: Participants get the most out of our wetland habitats by hiking along our Wetland Trail and surrounding themselves with the beauty of this fascinating ecosystem. Participants will engage in our hands-on lessons and activities which foster connections to the natural world and encourage participants to develop a stronger sense of environmental stewardship. Activities are customized for each group and focus on activities that sharpen observation skills while helping them better understand how these unique ecosystems work! 
  • Forest Ecology: Exploring the forest as an interactive classroom is a true adventure as participants discover the interconnected world of plants, animals, and soils, as well as understand the role each plays in maintaining a healthy forest ecosystem. 
  • Animal Adaptations: The term adaptation describes the concept that certain animals have selective features which help them survive in their given habitat. This includes animals that camouflage themselves amongst their surroundings, animals whose features allow them to survive in a given climate, and various ways in which animals forage, hunt, and gather their food. Participants will explore several habitats and play games that simulate the concept of adaptation.
  • Maple Syruping in our Sugar Shack: Dive deep into the sweet history of traditional syrup-making methods, discover nature-conscious practices to tap trees and harvest sap, experience the seasons and cycles of Sugar Maple trees, and see if the syrup makes the grade! Syrup tasting? More than likely!

Outdoor Adventure

  • Archery
    Participants learn the parts of a bow and arrow combined with proper archery technique and safety procedures that are put to use through practice and fun archery games.
  • Canoeing/Kayaking
    Participants will practice the proper techniques to navigate the waters of Lake Kimball once they've learned about the parts of a canoe or kayak. A certified lifeguard is always present.
  • Survival/Shelter Building
    Participants begin by working together in groups to brainstorm a simulation survival challenge and learn the basic needs of what it takes to survive. Later participants are placed in the woods and build their shelters using the natural resources around them.
  • Campfire Cooking & Wild Edibles
    Discover the many ways of cooking over a campfire using ingredients from nature! From orange peel brownies to cattail pancakes, participants have a unique experience learning about the edibles that nature has to offer.
  • Orienteering
    Long before the GPS, there was the art and skill of using a map and compass. It's like cracking a code; participants master the use of a compass, learn to orient maps, and discover the mysteries ahead on their adventure.
  • Hiking & Scavenger Hunts
    Explore the many trails on Camp Henry's 212 acres. Trail Guides will introduce one of our fun, interactive scavenger hunts to make the experience all the more exciting.
  • Fishing (May—September Only)
    Dig for worms, cast a line! Participants will test their skills of trying to catch and release the many fish that make Lake Kimball such a popular fishing destination. Poles are provided.
  • Fire Building
    Participants learn the steps and different methods as well as safety guidelines of building a fire. Part of this activity is practicing leave no trace camping.
  • Bouldering Wall & Slack Lining
    This fun activity duo combines endurance, balance, and concentration! On our bouldering wall, participants use rock climbing techniques to climb across the 24 ft. long wall (no harness necessary). Slacklining is a practice similar to tightrope walking but on a flat piece of webbing tied between 2 trees and close to the ground.

Evening Programs

  • Campfire songs & s'mores
    Let us entertain you with songs, skits, and stories that we guarantee your campers will be talking about long after the fire has gone out.
  • Capture the flag 
  • A classic camp game! Teams compete against each other to find the other team's flag.
  • Glow Ultimate Frisbee  
    Take the classic game of Ultimate Frisbee, add several glow sticks, a light-up Frisbee and play during the night
  • Night Hike
    This fun discovery takes participants on a journey to examine the five senses while allowing them to enjoy and appreciate nature and its wildlife at night.
  • Zany group games
  • Full of laughter and fun, these interactive games are sure to leave participants feeling extra zany.
  • Camp Henry Amazing Race
    In this exciting race, teams will travel all over camp and work together to accomplish the tasks set before them. From solving riddles, to building a fire and making PB & J sandwiches, these challenges are sure to be a memorable experience.
  • Flashlight Tag
    Suit up in dark clothes and get ready for some stealth activity. Participants will see if their sneaks will allow them to win in this fun team game.
  • Camp Henry Gameshow
    Get ready to come on down as we replicate some popular game shows- Camp Henry style!
  • Arts & Crafts
    Be prepared to get creative and work on a variety of fun projects to take home. 
  • Camp Henry CLUE
    The mystery you love to solve again and again is even more exciting with a Camp Henry twist. In this game, participants must find out who is responsible for stealing the s'more supplies by completing challenges and receiving clues. The prize of the winning group will be revealed to you.
  • Human Hungry Hippos
    Just like the board game, participants are harnessed up to bungee cords and become the 'hungry hippos'.  They race towards the center of the play area trying to retrieve as many pieces of food as possible.

Other Programs 

  • Service Projects
    One unique way to get connected to camp is to plan a service project day. Whether it is a full day of work or combining it with other camp programs, service project teams help create the high quality of excellence we are striving for. Community service hours can be given upon request.
  • Team Sports 
    Enjoy your favorite team sport on beautiful Camp Henry grounds. We have sand volleyball, soccer, basketball, kickball and so much more!
  • Interactive Prayer Walks/Labyrinth Walks
    With different walks to choose from, participants are given the opportunity to grow deeper in their walk with God. Participants will appreciate nature and learn something new about their Creator in engaging ways.
  • Skit Night
    Join the fun in creating original camp skits that will be sure to have you laughing all night.
  • Talent Show
    Participants will show off their skills and celebrate their talents as they take the stage.
  • Swimming (May—September only)
    Take a dip in Lake Kimball and enjoy the sand and sun on the beautiful shores. (Lifeguards will be present.
  • Chapel/Worship
    Our staff are happy to lead worship and engage participants in Bible lessons in a variety of exceptional ways.
  • Classic Camp and Lawn Games
    Enjoy this time to play some classic lawn games from corn hole, horseshoes, Kan Jam, 4-square, 9-square, Gaga, Bimini, and even Giant Jenga!
  • Paper Brigades
    Participants are split into small groups and encouraged to accomplish tasks using simple materials such as paper, cardboard, tape, etc. These challenges can include building a marble shoot, a small raft that can float on water or building the tallest tower. Brigade initiatives foster communication, collaboration, creativity, engineering, being resourceful, and thinking outside the box.

Girl Scouts at Camp Henry!

Bring your Girl Scout troop to Camp Henry for a day or overnight retreat to work towards badges. Comfortable lodging and excellent food service are available

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Camp Henry on the Road!

We can take many of our programs on the road, including to your school! Please reach out to us for more information at 616.717.5571 

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