FAQ's - Summer Camp

  • What does it mean to be ACA accredited? +

    Being accredited by the American Camp Association indicates that Camp Henry meets or exceeds industry-accepted and government-recognized standards and best practices for our programs, facilities, and staff.

  • What are your Camper to Staff Ratios? +

    We believe in low camper to staff ratios and all of our ratios meet or are below what are required by the State of Michigan and the American Camp Association. Day campers — 1 staff to 5 campers; Mini Week (3 nights) campers — 1 staff to 6 campers; Full Week campers — 1 staff to 8 campers.

  • What ages does Camp Henry serve during the summer? +

    Camp Henry serves campers ages 5-17. Our Day Camp is for campers ages 5-8. Mini Week is for campers ages 7-11 and Full Week camps are for campers ages 8-17.

  • Every camper is unique! How can Camp Henry support my camper? +

    Our hope is to try to support and accommodate as many campers as possible. Yet, we realize that sometimes parents have questions about whether or not Camp Henry will be the right fit for their child and whether or not the appropriate level of support and accommodations can be provided. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you to discuss your individual camper and explore what might be possible. So whether you have questions about medication delivery, anxiety or emotional support, LGBTQIA+ accommodations, dietary needs, homesickness, bed wetting, or something else, please reach out to Leigha, our Camper Experiences Director, to see how we can potentially support your camper's needs. You can reach her by calling 616.717.5566 or emailing [email protected]

  • How does Camp Henry assign cabins? +

    Campers are assigned to cabins by age and grade level. New campers are intentionally placed with a mix of other new campers and returning campers. Groups of more than five campers (requesting each other) are split into two groups and placed in two different cabins. Campers staying multiple sessions are often moved to a different cabin for their second session due to the likely shift in ages in the cabins.

  • Who are Camp Henry staff members? +

    We hire a staff of fun-loving, servant-minded, and hard-working Christians. Each staff member has a strong desire to provide outstanding camper experiences and is committed to helping make the world a better place and changing lives. Our staff numbers during the summer comes close to 50. We welcome brand new faces each year – yet, many of our staff grew up along the Shores of Old Lake Kimball – looking at their own counselors and staff members with stars in their eyes. All of our staff are honored and thrilled to have the chance to work and serve at Camp Henry.

    All counseling staff must be at least 18 years old and have completed at least one year of college. They come from all over the United States. After being carefully screened and selected, all summer staff members take part in an extensive pre-camp training program.

  • What is the role of the Camp Health Center? +

    Campers who are not feeling well have the opportunity to visit the Health Center at any time. The Health Center is staffed with our Health Director, who meets all State of Michigan and American Camp Association guidelines, as well as a volunteer RN – and a doctor is always on call. Health Center staff are on-site 24 hours a day. Calls are placed to parents when: 1) a camper has a health-related concern and requests a call home. 2) a camper has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher. 3) a camper spends more than four hours in the health center. 4) a camper goes to the hospital. Cabin counselors check-in with campers daily and remind them of the importance of utilizing sunscreen and bug spray and are available to help campers with any health related concerns that might arise.

  • What if my camper has food allergies or dietary restrictions? +

    We want everyone to be able to have a fantastic camp experience and that includes the dining portion of their time at Camp Henry. Food allergies and other special dietary needs should be indicated on the Camper Health Form. Please feel free to email any food allergies and/or dietary concerns to our Food Service Director at [email protected] or call 616-459-2267. Click here to view our Food Allergies and Special Diets page.

  • When is drop off and pick up? +

    Opening Day: Sunday 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM (Please do not plan to arrive before 2:45 PM) Opening Day is an exciting time for everyone! When you arrive you will be greeted by a staff member in the parking lot. You will be directed to one of the registration tables where the check-in process will begin right at 3 pm.

    Closing Day: Saturday 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM There will be a short closing program that begins at 10 am on Saturday morning. Campers will have had breakfast and will be packed and ready to go. When parents arrive they will be directed to the theater for the closing program. Following the all camp closing program in the theater, all campers and parents will head back to the villages for a brief cabin wrap up with their counselor. The whole closing program is approximately 45 minutes long

    *Mini Camp – drop off/pick up is Sunday or Wednesday at 3:00 pm, and Wednesday or Saturday at 10:00 am.
    *Please refer to the Day Camp Guide for drop off and pick times and location.

  • Does Camp Henry offer financial assistance? +

    Yes, Camp Henry has a scholarship program. To request a scholarship please complete the scholarships portion of the registration form using the Sliding Scale information. A minimum of $50 deposit is required at the time of registration. Applications will not be processed until your deposit is received. Scholarships will be awarded as long as they are available. Actual awards will be applied to your account when your registration is processed and will be noted on the registration confirmation you receive in the mail. Scholarships are awarded for one camp only. Scholarships may be limited as summer camp approaches. You will be notified by phone if there are no funds available and your deposit can be refunded.

  • Do campers need to bring any money? +

    Campers can deposit money in their store account in advance or on Opening Day. Store items range in price from $0.50 to $35. Any money remaining in a camper’s store account at the end of the week can be donated to the Camp Store Scholarship Fund.

  • When do I need to pay for my child's camp? +

    A payment of up to $100 is due by October 6. 50% household balance is due by February 9. The remainingn balance is due by May 4.

  • What is your cancellation policy? +

    2022 Cancellation Policy

    • Cancellations made before October 6th will incur a $25 fee.
    • Cancellations made after October 6th will incur a $100 fee
    • Cancellations made within 3 weeks of the start date of the camper's registration will incur a $100 cancellation fee, remaining funds can be used towards another 2022 or 2023 registration (credits must be applied towards a program by the end of October 2022)
    • Cancellations made within 24 hours of the start date are not eligible for a refund.
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FAQ's - Plan a Retreat

  • Why would we choose Camp Henry over the other camps in the area? +

    Camp Henry's intentional programs are designed to allow campers and guests to connect, refresh, learn, and grow. While many camps offer exceptional programs and activities, we take our services to the next level by providing you the opportunity to customize your experience to meet the needs of your group. Our trained staff are service-focused, attentive to details, and are looking forward to creating an excellent experience. Many leaders in the past have shown appreciation for the fact that all they needed to be concerned about during their time at camp was building relationships with the others in their group – we took care of the rest!

  • What types of programming options may we choose from? +

    Depending on the length of your stay, the ages and numbers of participants you have, we will assist you in putting together the optimal experience for your group and your desired outcomes. We offer a wide array of activities - we've got everything from the classic camp activities of canoeing and archery to more intensive team building sessions that will challenge and improve group dynamics. Most of our school groups that come are hoping to create class cohesion and have a blast learning about the natural world. Subsequently, they tend to enjoy teambuilding sessions, a climbing activity, and exploring our amazing wetland trail. Some retreat groups also choose to incorporate some of their own programming into the schedule. The Program Director can assist you in putting together the best schedule for your group.

  • How do you put a schedule together? +

    We typically divide guests up into groups of about 15 to participate in activities. Activity lengths are typically about 90 minutes long – allowing us to devote attention to everyone involved and still have time to debrief at the end of each activity. We always have meals together and love to schedule our evenings with some large group programming after a day of fun activities in smaller groups.

  • What if we have participants who have food allergies or dietary restrictions? +

    We want everyone to be able to have a fantastic camp experience and that includes the dining portion of their time at Camp Henry. Food allergies and other special dietary needs should be indicated on the Group Assessment Form. Please feel free to email any food allergies and/or dietary concerns to our Food Service Director at [email protected] or call 616-459-2267. Click here to view our Food Allergies and Special Diets page.

  • What does it cost to come to Camp Henry? +

    We work with your budget to design an incredible program that will exceed your expectations. Call us for more information at 616-717-5571.

  • How do we hold a date? +

    Once you have decided on a date, program length and content, you will receive a contract to use Camp Henry. A signed contract as well as a deposit amount of 25% of your estimated cost will be required to hold the date you've selected.

  • What if our group cannot afford the entire 25% deposit? +

    Please inquire with us about options for deposits. 616.717.5571

  • What if we have participants who cannot afford to pay for camp? +

    Scholarship funding is available. It is a limited fund, however. Please inquire with us at 616-717-5571 about scholarships.

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