Camp Henry Horse Sponsorship Program

You can support our Horse Program by sponsoring a horse, our herd, or the program!

In an effort to enhance the Camp Henry experience for campers and guests, in 2016, we made the decision to house a herd of horses, year-round at Camp Henry, following years of renting horses for our summer Frontier Camp. With the continued growth of our herd, we’ve also managed to grow our horse programming year-round. We continue to develop new and exciting ways to provide life-changing experiences to campers and guests and our hope is on a covered arena in the coming future!

With 20 horses currently living in our pasture, we provide a lot of love and energy to keep our herd happy and healthy. We love our large, furry friends and our large, furry friends love to eat...a lot. With 20 horses in our herd, the average cost to feed one horse over the course of a year is $600. That’s a lot of hay on top of other goodies our herd and horse program requires to reach its highest potential each year!

We are seeking support from horse sponsors who will partner with us to help take care of our horses year-round and boost the future of our horse program. We, as Camp Henry Staff - and our herd - are blessed to witness and facilitate joyful horse experiences for our campers and guests. Yet, we know that this all would not be possible without the generous and consistent support of countless friends, partners, and donors.

Two ways you can support the Camp Henry Horse Program today:
  1. Sponsor a Horse: 1 year for $600
  2. Shop our Amazon Wishlist
Your generous support will help in a variety of ways:
  • Grain, hay, routine hoof care, basic healthcare needs (de-wormer, vaccines, fly spray, etc.), vet and farrier visits, acquiring new horses for camp, and more!
As a Camp Henry Horse Sponsor, you will receive:
  • A wonderful trail ride or horse experience on a specified date this fall!

Meet some of the Herd

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 Phoenix cropped


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