Charity Kays

Charity was born and raised in Washington state. Her parents are both CHA Master Instructors and have served in the equestrian departments of various camps across North America. Camp and horses are in her genes! The family currently lives in Washington where her parents still share their love of horses with their community. Charity grew up riding in Pony Club, learning the sport of horse Eventing, and attending camp. She still remembers summers spent jumping and galloping across open fields. Starting in 2011, Charity was invited to work at various camps in Washington, Colorado, and Idaho, culminating in coming out to Camp Henry in late 2023.

Charity has a passion for building good horsemen and horsewomen. She believes in the powerful healing touch of horses on the soul. She has seen how horses teach leadership, responsibility, and discipline in her own life, and loves to pass those skills on to her students and campers. Horses have touched so many lives in countless ways, and Charity can’t wait to show every camper and student their transformational power.

Charity loves warm summer days, when a good ride is an absolute must. On her off time, she enjoys reading a good fantasy book, watching 90’s sci-fi, and cuddling up in bed with her cat, Ember, and dog, Tyler.

Contact Charity at 616-717-5564 or [email protected]