EXTEND Campaign


Coming Soon: New Welcome Center

Our hope is to secure the funding necessary to be able to break ground on the new Welcome Center in August of 2024 and to have our Grand Opening in June of 2025.

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This campaign will position Camp Henry to be able to EXTEND life changing experiences to more campers and guests and beyond our current program offerings.

Strategic Objectives

Two of Camp Henry’s key Strategic Objectives include:

• Increase the number of people that have a Camp Henry experience

• Improve and enhance the Camp Henry experience

Adding additional programs and facilities and enhancing our existing programs and facilities, will significantly impact our ability to increase the number of people that we can serve.

Frontier Bathhouse
Frontier Bathhouse

We have identified 6 Key Projects for this Campaign

  • Welcome Center

  • Health Lodge

  • Mountain Bike Trails & Terrain Park

  • Frontier Bathhouse

  • Covered Horse Pavilion

  • Staff Housing

Health Lodge
Health Lodge

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Mountain Bike Park & Trails
Mountain Bike Park & Trails

Seeking to Partner

We are excited to have been able to raise over $1 million already, which has allowed us to complete 2 of these 6 projects as well as 85% of the Covered Riding Arena.

We are now seeking to partner with additional donors, foundations, and organizations that are willing support these vital projects by considering a one-time gift or grant or making a pledge to make contributions over a 5 year period – from 2022 through 2027.

Visit our donation page at CAMPHENRY.ORG/donate to jump on board as one of our donors or reach out to Jake at [email protected]

if you should have any questions or would like to connect further about making a one-time or multi-year contribution.

Welcome Center
Welcome Center

Anticipated Expenses include:

Welcome Center | $1,875,000

Health Lodge | $1,975,000

Mountain Bike Park & Trails | $95,000

Covered Horse Pavilion | $650,000 - 85% completed

Frontier Bathhouse | $225,000 - completed

Staff Housing | $180,000 - completed

Total: $5,000,000

Covered Riding Arena
Covered Riding Arena