We're building a NEW Staff House - Hank's House - and we need your help!

Hank's House at Camp Henry  Hank's House at Camp Henry-- Construction of House Hank's House at Camp Henry

Thanks to Hank Idema's estate gift and his generous family members we are super excited to be building Hank's House, a new Duplex that will be an amazing addition to Camp Henry and will help house some of our awesome year-round staff members. K&R Excavating donated countless hours and resources to help clear and prep the site and we have partnered with Pioneer Construction to get the shell built for this awesome new home. We have raised 60% of the funding needed for this project. 

 Now we need your help to finish Hank's House! We are seeking:

  • Volunteers to help with Construction and Carpentry 
  • Skilled Trades Worker to assist with Plumbing, Electrical, Drywall, and HVAC work
  • Vendors and Subcontractors willing to provide time, energy, and resources
  • Landscaping Companies and Landscapers to help with grass, plants, and trees
  • Work Crews to volunteer with Roofing, Painting, and Flooring
  • Donations to help support this project

Whether you own a company, work in the construction industry, have some time or materials you can contribute, or just want to get involved with the Hank's House project - please contact Mike Twigg

Mike Twigg | [email protected] | 616.717.5570

Click here to donate to the Hank's House project

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