Tyler started working at Camp Henry at the beginning of June in 2015. He grew up all over the Midwest living in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois before going to school at Trinity International University near Chicago where he met his wife, Jessie. They both graduated with degrees in Christian Ministries and emphasis in youth ministry in May 2014 and got married the following September. Growing up Tyler spent most of his time outdoors, being active, or working with his hands. His dad owns a number of rental properties so he has spent a lot of time on their upkeep and maintenance. He's worked at a couple other camps as a counselor and area director but has always felt a desire to work with the maintenance/facilities aspect of a camp.

All his life Tyler has loved fixing, building and creating things. Since coming to Camp Henry, he has found such a perfect fit for what he loves to do, using his gifts and passions to serve God. His hobbies include snowboarding, working on and riding his motorcycle, and pretty much any extreme sports (watching or participating). Some of Tyler's favorite things to work with include but are not limited to: his router, chainsaws, a good set of cordless power tools, and a welder.

Contact Tyler at 616-717-5563 or [email protected]